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Investing In You

Investing In You

Learning and development for CPS is part of our core offering, and it has three major aims:

  • To ensure our talented people are as equipped as possible to deliver the best solutions, services, and advice to customers
  • To enhance the self-worth of our colleagues, stimulate their appetites for new challenges and encourage them to stay with us
  • To invest in the future for our company, our capabilities and our potential

We have a well-calibrated programme of learning and development that reflects the needs of our colleagues and our customers.

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What We Offer

Individual Learning Budget

Each member of our team has a budget allocated every year to support their learning and development needs.

How this resource is allocated is up to the individual and line manager to decide, based on agreed personal goals and business objectives.

LinkedIn Learning

We give our people access to thousands of expert-led courses at Linked in Learning. The service also provides 24-hour access to powerful video clips and online and offline podcasts – invaluable for improving skills. For more complex learning needs, the service enables a growth programme to be curated and followed.

Learn to Lead

We want every colleague to be a leader in their individual areas of expertise or responsibility. To prime that process, we deliver leadership coaching, initially aimed at our senior management but eventually across the company. As well as developing personal leadership skills, the course will explore how our future leaders take on new responsibilities and learn to lead with emotional intelligence, all while retaining the personal strengths that made CPS want to recruit them initially.

Innovation and Growth

Innovation and Growth

Learning and development is about embracing new ways to work and improve. We are always looking for innovative methods to stretch our people and their effectiveness.

For example, we’re now planning a set of classroom-based workshops to address a ‘pick and mix’ of soft skills. The workshops will be run by a training provider that uses actors turned trainers, giving real credibility to role-play learning.

The thing about innovative ideas is that they’re not right for everyone. We believe that by presenting a range of different kinds of learning approaches, our colleagues will find the right solution for their needs.

We also help individuals identify and track their development requirements through annual discussions with our HR team to build up personal learning paths over time.

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