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Why Do PMO's Grow Old and What Are The Reasons PMO's Can Lose Effectiveness?

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Collaboration During Change
Some people think that collaboration is better sharing of files and information, while others have their definitions. But what is collaboration?
Measuring Your Employee Experience Initiatives with Viva Insights
Organisations realise the value of having employee experience at the heart of what they do and its benefits to their business.
Project for the web Keyboard Shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts save time. If you are just starting to use Project for the web or are a pretty heavy user you can create and update your projects more efficiently by taking advantage of these Shortcuts.
Project for the web Status Report
To elevate core Project for the web capabilities to cover typical Project and Portfolio Management requirements, Microsoft released a Project for the web Project Accelerator, which provides a Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Power Platform solution that can be customised entirely against your requirements, allowing you to build our tables, processes and reports to support Project Management, Governance and Reporting.
Making Things Personal with Viva Connections
Viva Connections is designed for employees in your organisation to build connections to one another, get access to the tools they need daily and connect to the organisation itself.
Managing Knowledge with Viva Topics
Microsoft Viva Topics helps sort the wood from the trees by starting in one specific area of your organisation, focusing on key stakeholders or building a business case.
What is Microsoft Viva Connections?
In February 2021, we saw Microsoft launch, Microsoft Viva, a platform focused on the Employee Experience – a topic that has been in organisations’ discussions for some time.
Successfully Migrating to SharePoint Online
There are many reasons for migrating to SharePoint Online; one of the driving factors in the decision-making process can be acknowledging that “something” is amiss in the current environment.
Why do PMO’s Grow Old?
Your PMO is best-in-class, the team are high achieving professionals, they command respect and help drive both organisational excellence and the company strategy.

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