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Why Do PMO's Grow Old and What Are The Reasons PMO's Can Lose Effectiveness?

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Managing Insider Risks in your Organisation with Microsoft 365
Learn more about how to manage cyber risks that may arise inside your organisation using Microsoft 365
Improve Your Meeting Experience by Introducing Gaps
Learn how you can; quickly reduce any meeting fatigue, better manage your day, and fit some needed breaks into your schedule with Microsoft Outlook
Sleepwalking into Project Management
Easy to use but powerful for collaboration and work management, Project for the web is simple to adopt and easy to master. Solutions such as this can help manage these smaller, more ad-hoc work packages within your organisation.
Safeguarding your Sensitive Data with Microsoft 365
Learn more about how we work with you to define the correct compliance strategy for you that protects and governs your organisation’s information
Projects are complex, your supporting tools really shouldn’t be.
Projects are complex, anyone who has managed or been involved in project delivery will recognise that even the simplest project can easily get complicated.
Providing Teams Feedback as a Customer
Ben Donaldson discusses the introduction of a Microsoft Teams first-party feedback platform and its benefits for you.
Teams End-to-End Encryption
Almost everyone has heard or read the mantra “Microsoft 365 data is encrypted at rest and in transit.” So if our Teams calls are already encrypted in transit, what does E2EE bring to the table?
Ten Ways to Keep You and Your Business Cyber Safe
Within today's complex digital landscape that we now face, a new security model is needed. Organisations need to be prepared for any sort of cyber threat that might impact their security, data and compliance. It’s not just about your network anymore, and the first line of defence is now via identity as the modern security perimeter. Here are the top ten ways to keep you and your business cyber safe.
Bigger and Bolder Microsoft Viva
On 2 November 2021, Microsoft announced a set of new features for Microsoft Viva to help organisations to enhance their employee experience.

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