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Common Failures of Innovation Initiatives

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Fostering a Culture of Innovation that Drives your Return On Investment
An Innovation initiative can be seen as a project, and the outcome of this particular project can be speculative. Still, it needs to have some bounds and limits.
Improve your Organisation’s Agility through Project Reporting Automation
Reporting can be time-consuming, laborious and repetitive. And it's not a great employee experience.
Elevating your Strategy by Utilising your PMO - A Practical Example
Following the excellent webinar by David Dunning on Elevating Your Business Strategy by Utilising PMOs with High Maturity Levels, Derek Strachan talks about how this has worked for one of our clients.
What Can Viva Sales Do For Your Organisation
Read our latest blog by Kevin McDonnell on Micorsoft Viva Sales, the newest Viva Pillar to be announced by Microsoft (not get available). Viva Sales, powered by AI, will deliver a more productive, streamlined, and effective sales force, bringing together any CRM Technology with Microsft 365 and Microsoft Teams.
The long weekend we’ve all dreamt of
25 days of annual leave plus 26 more, yes please.
Introducing Teams Modern Voice
Read our latest blog article from Ben Donaldson (Head of UC & Infrastructure) to understand how our Teams Modern Voice solution provides the single most cost-efficient & flexible approach to enabling Teams voice for telephony.
Introducing Microsoft Viva Goals
Read our latest blog on the soon-to-come Microsoft Viva Goals,a goal-setting and management solution aligned to OKR Frameworks (Objective and Key Result) built to align your teams to your organisation's strategic priorities while focusing on outcome over output to drive business success.
What Are Teams Shared Channels And Why Do I Need Them?
Read Tom Short's first blog for CPS which introduces Microsoft Teams' new feature; Shared channels, its benefits and how it can support your organisation to improve user experience and simply collaboration.
26 extra days leave a year – what’s not to love!
Bringing improved work-life balance with a Nine Day Fortnight (9DF)

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