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Power Platform

Empowering Connectivity and Business Insight

Empowering Connectivity and Business Insight

Power Platform - The Driving Force to Success

Modern businesses run on data, and users interact with data daily.

From entering their project time for invoicing, seeking guidance on existing processes, or analysing data to make decisions.

In your technology-driven world, users can be empowered to gain insights from and interact with data, all while automating those menial responsibilities that seem to be more burdens than job tasks.

Microsoft's Power Platform enables your business to craft solutions while empowering you to connect technology to help everyone drive your business with data, from the CEO to the front-line workers.

End-to-End Business Solutions

End-to-End Business Solutions

The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts.

Connect them together - and to Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps - and you can build robust end-to-end business solutions for your organisation.

Using the Power Platform for Complete Solution Integration

Microsoft's Power Platform is comprised of four key products:

  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI
  • Power Virtual Agents
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Key Benefits

Key Benefits

Getting the Most from the Power Platform

  • Power BI
    Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands
  • Power Apps
    Turn ideas into organisational solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges
  • Power Automate
    Boost business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organisational processes
  • Power Virtual Agents
    Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees—no coding required

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Key Features

AI Builder

Enables users and developers add AI capabilities to the workflows and Power Apps they create and use.

AI Builder is a turnkey solution that allows you to easily add intelligence to your workflows and apps and predict outcomes to help improve business performance without writing code.

Microsoft Dataverse

A scalable data service and app platform which lets users securely store and manage data from multiple sources.

Integrate that data in business applications using a common data model to ensure ease and consistency to users.

Microsoft Dataverse is the common currency that enables the components of Microsoft Power Platform to work together. It’s the foundation that enables the consolidation, display, and manipulation of data.


These enable you to connect apps, data, and devices in the cloud. Consider connectors the bridge across which information and commands travel.

There are more than 275 connectors for Microsoft Power Platform, enabling all of your data and actions to connect cohesively.

Examples of popular connectors include Salesforce, Office 365, Twitter, Dropbox, Google services, and more.

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