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Beyond the Basics: Project for the web - Automation, Configuration and Art of the Possible

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From Insights to Action: Sofia GPT's Impact on Portfolio Management
Join us for an illuminating session on how Sofia GPT, an advanced AI model developed by OnePlan, is revolutionising the field of Strategic Portfolio Management. Explore practical use cases, advantages, and the future impact of this game-changing technology.
Microsoft Project for the web and Project Online - The What, Why & How
Chris Edwards and Sam Graber discuss how you can continue to create and manage existing projects in Project for the web and showcase its new capabilities.
The Power of Informed Decision-Making – The Data-Driven Organisation
Decision-making needs more than just instincts – it requires access to data at the right time. This enlightening session by Lester Lovelock from CPS highlights how integrated tooling can present crucial information for effective decision-making.
Unlocking Business Transformation: Embrace the Power Platform to Replace Legacy Systems
Gain insights into how the Power Platform can alleviate the common pain points of shadow IT. Discover how you can transition away from legacy systems, unmanaged applications, or intricate solutions towards a cohesive, unified ecosystem for your business applications.
Streamline Your Business Operations with Microsoft Project for the web
Explore On-demand how Microsoft Project for the web serves as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform, enabling SMBs to plan, track, and deliver projects with excellent efficiency.
Project, Program and Portfolio Management: Choosing the Right Tool for Your Organisation
Watch this insightful webinar where we delve into the crucial decision-making process of selecting the perfect PPM tool for your organisation.
OnePlan's Strategic Portfolio Management in the Age of AI
Delve into the transformative potential of AI in Strategic Portfolio Management. Whether you're a seasoned portfolio manager or exploring ways to optimise your organisation's project portfolio, this is your gateway to staying ahead in the age of AI.
Understanding the risks of overshared content: Unleash the power of SharePoint Advanced Management
In this on-demand webinar, we offer an exploration of how SharePoint Advanced Management can mitigate the risk of overshared content and sprawl and ensure effective data governance and security to ensure your business success and productivity.
Empowering Collaboration: The Potential of Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Viva
Brace yourself for Microsoft Viva, a game-changer in boosting employee engagement and enriching work experiences. Holly Rae and Nichola Carty deliver an in depth exploration into the full potential of these powerful tools, revolutionising your team's collaboration and skyrocketing productivity.

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