Microsoft Viva

Empowering Your Team

Empowering Your Team

Viva is delivered through Microsoft 365 and experienced through Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online.

Designed to support your organisation to create a culture where your people and teams are empowered to be their best, from anywhere.

Microsoft Viva puts employee experience at the heart of your organisation. Uniting them to share knowledge, skills and connections in the natural flow of the workday.

It’s designed to be highly intuitive and easy to use to drive adoption and immediate value and increase employee engagement.

Microsoft Viva delivers personalised and actionable insights when and where they’re needed throughout the workday.

Flexible Working

Flexible Working

Business leaders strive to understand the new world of work and how to make it “work” for their employees, their organisation and themselves.

Hybrid working is being embraced across industries, and where you work is less and less critical. Your work is becoming more digital, and business is moving at a faster pace.

Well-being, team unity and trust are fundamental to a successful organisation. 

These changes have highlighted that our people need to have a great employee experience to be our most productive.

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Features and Benefits of Viva

Viva Topics

Allows knowledge owners to be defined and automatically organise content and expertise across your organisation. This makes it easy for everyone to find information and put knowledge to work at the right time that they need it.

Viva Connections

The gateway to a modern engagement experience designed to keep everyone in your organisation engaged and informed.

Viva Learning

Brings formal and informal learning front-and-centre to when and where it’s needed, making it easier for people to learn anytime.

Viva Insights

Designed to help your people and business thrive with data-driven, privacy-protected insights and recommendations to improve the productivity and wellbeing of your teams.

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Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security

Microsoft Viva offers the privacy and security you can trust.

For example, your personal insights are visible only to you, while insights for managers and leaders use aggregated and de-identified data, with employee privacy protected every step of the way.

It provides an open and extensible platform, and a strong and growing ecosystem of partners.

It also works seamlessly with your existing systems and tools, including your systems for HR, CRM, and Learning Management (LMS).

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

We have partnered with HR specialists to provide a holistic approach to delivering the value that Microsoft Viva provides.

We and our HR partners will work with you to deliver measurable improvements to your employees’ engagement and experience.

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6 Key Elements Of A Great Employee Experience


You feel safe at work—physically, mentally and emotionally. You feel uniquely valued and are treated equitably and with dignity.


You belong as a trusted, integral member of a diverse community. You have high-quality relationships with your colleagues, characterized by mutual respect.


You know what success looks like and what to prioritize. You know when you’re on track and get feedback that helps you improve.


You can easily find information, people, tools, and resources you need. You are empowered to make decisions and what’s required for success.


You get what you need to maximise your strengths, learn new skills, broaden your experience, and progress toward your goals. 


You’re part of something bigger than yourself. Your work serves others and has a meaningful impact. 

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