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The challenge
When the Housing Management team was restructured, the Housing Officer became involved in all aspects of the housing management service for the first time. This included voids management, tenancy sign-ups, repairs and arrears management. These functions were previously specialised roles. In addition, following a recruitment drive to fill the new positions created, it became clear that the multitude of complex systems that new staff had to learn to use was a problem.
We were looking for a system to provide a simple, efficient and effective tool that supported the work of the ATB team so that underlying systems were accessed seamlessly from the SharePoint portal. CPS presented us with an innovative and adaptable solution that we knew would meet our requirements.
Walid Saeed
Senior Business Systems Analyst

About Notting Hill Housing

Notting Hill Housing (NHHG) is a leading London housing association established in 1963 and now managing over 27,000 properties. As a social enterprise offering affordable housing to a diverse range of customers, the charity use any money they make from selling homes to reinvest back into the business.

The Solution

It was decided a system that could collate information from these three Line of Business (LoB) applications into a single dashboard was required. This portal would need to be easier to use and sufficiently intuitive to enable new staff to hit the ground running.

CPS were selected to run a pilot project as a proof of concept following a formal tender process. This was well received and became the launchpad for the full CPS OnePlace Microsoft SharePoint portal rollout.

The main project objective was to simplify the user interface into back-office systems for the new All Together Better (ATB) team structure. The portal would pull data into one central location from:

  • Northgate Housing – A 3rd party Oracle application holding property; repairs, rents and voids information.
  • CRM –Holds journal entries and notes information on tenants and contractors.
  • MIS – Sourced from daily extracts from Northgate data and used for the generation of MS Excel reports

Business Benefits

So far, the main benefits of the Housing Officer Portal have been:

  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Communication with customers has become more straightforward and more effective.
  • It is quicker and easier to track cyclical work and enforce payment of charges.
  • More effective arrears management.
  • Improved performance management More effective recovery of debt.
  • Reduced reputational and financial risk.
  • Improved and more accessible audit trail.


CPS worked closely with the NHHG team on the design and configuration of the interface to ensure it provided a tool that met their daily needs and helped the Housing Officers work more efficiently. The combination of bespoke and out-of-the-box web parts on the user dashboard has made the solution flexible, scalable, and easily adapted to departmental variations.

The mobile device and cross-browser support also means the CPS OnePlace interface is accessible on-demand, when the Housing Officers require it, with the personalised security and access controls ensuring that the data remains secure at all times.

A word from the team…

For us, the project has been so successful that we will soon begin to roll out the interface to the whole organisation. The portal has become the centre of the team’s working day and provides all the information they need to effectively start doing their jobs on just one screen.

Walid Saeed, Senior Business Systems Analyst

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