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What is Copilot and Why It's a Game-Changer for You

Date Published 02/10/2023
Author Holly Rae
Category Consulting
Have you ever found yourself drowning in emails, documents, and endless meetings? What if you had a personal assistant to navigate through the chaos? Enter Microsoft 365 Copilot, your AI-powered sidekick about to revolutionise how we work.

What is Copilot and Why It's a Game-Changer for You


Launching on November 1st 2023, Copilot isn't just another shiny new tool. For a $30 monthly premium (UK Prices TBA), it offers a suite of features that will make your life easier. The best part? It integrates seamlessly with all Microsoft apps and services. So whether you're in a Microsoft Teams meeting or lost in an Excel spreadsheet, CoPilot is right there with you. 

What can Copilot do for you? 

You know that sinking feeling when you open your inbox to find dozens of unread emails? Copilot takes that stress away by drafting responses and prioritising urgent messages. No more email anxiety! 

And let's talk about those daunting reports. Instead of staring at a blank Word document, Copilot can summarise existing information and even kickstart new projects for you. It's like having a head start in a race you didn't even know you were running. 

Ever walked into a meeting and felt like you were missing something? Copilot has your back, offering real-time highlights direct from Teams meetings. Even abilities like automated meeting notes and suggested action lists. You'll walk in prepared and leave fully informed.  

Data analysis can be a real headache, right? But with Copilot, you don't need to be an Excel guru. Just ask it to crunch the numbers or create a chart, and it'll not only do it but also explain how. 

And let's not forget about work-life balance. Copilot takes care of the mundane so you can focus on what truly matters, be it nailing that big presentation or enjoying dinner with your family. There's a lot that Copilot can do to help you work smarter. 

A Game-changer for business

In a world where every business is fighting for a competitive edge, Copilot is your secret weapon. For sales teams, it's more than an assistant; it's a game-changing ally. It even integrates with other CRM systems like Dynamics and Salesforce, streamlining your workflow like never before. 

And it's not just for sales. Imagine HR departments automating the initial screening of job applications or marketing teams getting a hand with crafting the perfect campaign email. The sky's the limit, and the scalability is just incredible. 

What's more, Copilot comes with top-notch admin controls, so you can trust it with your data. It's a tool that businesses can adopt with full confidence, knowing it ticks all the boxes for security and compliance. 


Ready to take the Leap 

Feeling excited about the endless possibilities Copilot offers? You're not alone. CPS has a developed a Copilot Readiness Assessment to gauge how prepared your organisation is for this revolutionary tech. So why wait? Take the assessment today and step into the future of smarter working! 

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Holly Rae
Holly Rae
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