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G-Cloud 12

G-Cloud 12

CPS is listed on the G-Cloud 12 procurement framework, which helps UK public sector organisations purchase cloud-based computing services such as software and cloud support.

All public sector organisations, including agencies and arm’s length bodies, can purchase CPS services from G-Cloud 12 through the Digital Marketplace on GOV.UK.

Supporting your organisation

With most services, tasks, and applications now available in the cloud, taking a cloud-first approach provides the agility, reliability and security for continued collaboration and remote working.

Purchasing through G-Cloud 12 is a quick and easy way to find trusted, pre-approved support services from CPS without going through the tender process.

We are proven to meet the high security and standards compliance set by the government to be approved for this framework and are committed to working in partnership with your organisation for successful outcomes.

Find out more about CPS’ G-Cloud 12 services below.

Cloud Support Services

Cloud support services help public sector organisations to set up and maintain their cloud hosting or software services. This is also sometimes referred to as “Specialist Cloud Services”

Find out more about CPS’ cloud support services on the G-Cloud 12 website. Your G-Cloud 12 login is required to view our services on the portal.

Digital Marketplace

G-Cloud 12 has established framework agreements with CPS and lists those services on the Digital Marketplace.

Public Sector organisations can use this portal to call off the services listed by CPS on the Digital Marketplace without going through a full tender process.

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