Ten Ways to Keep You and Your Business Cyber Safe

Date Published 19/11/2021
Author Peter Rising
Category Solutions

Cyber threats are increasing and becoming less noticeable. Are you and your business safe?

Within today's complex digital landscape that we now face, a new security model is needed. Organisations need to be prepared for any sort of cyber threat that might impact their security, data and compliance. It’s not just about your network anymore, and the first line of defence is now via identity as the modern security perimeter.

Although it might feel like a big task, there are simple ways to get you on the right track and allow for more technical methods of protection to be implemented.

Here are the top ten ways to keep you and your business cyber safe:


  1. Provide online safety training to staff
  2. Use strong and secure passwords or use passwordless authentication
  3. Use multi/two-factor authentication where possible
  4. Stay on top of all updates, especially system and software security updates
  5. Keep personal life separate to work appliances
  6. Prepare and protect yourself from phishing attacks and how they might occur

A little more technical:

         7. Prepare/plan responses to cyber-attacks/incidents

         8. Apply regular automated testing of defence within your organisation

         9. Make sure suitable defence frameworks are in place

        10. Stay on top of your IT management to identify and resolve vulnerabilities


This is a primary list of ways to protect your digital presence, but there are many more technical and crucial ways to help keep you and your organisation cyber safe. You and your organisation need to stay on top of your identity, data, devices, and your Microsoft 365 services; otherwise, you risk attacks, breaches, and scams.

Cyber security is no joke and can be overlooked, but it is incredibly important and will help to improve the safety of you, your company and most importantly, your employees.

Knowledge and expertise in the area of security is your best friend. At CPS we can provide this with our security experts and experienced architects who can support you in implementing the perfect security model that suits your every need.

Contact us today to hear more about how we can help create the perfect security strategy for you and your business needs or register for our webinar for Security, Compliance and Identity.


Peter Rising
Peter Rising
Head of Practice, Security, Compliance & Identity

Peter is an Office Apps and Services MVP with over 25 years’ experience working with Microsoft technologies. He has specialised in the Microsoft 365 platform since 2014, initially focusing on Exchange migrations but in recent years has shifted his area of focus to SharePoint, Teams, and in particular, Security & Compliance.

Peter has worked in both internal IT Management roles and as a consultant or Architect and has delivered Microsoft cloud solutions across the UK and beyond to organisations looking for guidance with their digital transformation journey.

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